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The New Book by DJ. French

Touch the Mimosa Sky

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A young girl experiences supernatural visions and takes the reader on an adventure that twists and turns with it's captivating scenes. Finally a clairvoyant tells everyone what is happening with Skyler.


There's an inspirational thread that ties the family together as well, through Rose England. Rose is Skyler's grandmother, and she's also an ordained minister. This is a story about the family which was divided for several years in the beginning and brought together through the ordeals. It's been dusted with a touch of romance, miracles and fate.


Samantha's mother is killed in a car accident when she's three. She's being raised by her grandparents in Kentucky, when her disturbed father snatches her and takes her to Missouri, where he intends to raise her in the same house he was raised in. He is abusive, but at 16, the cycle will end. Now, she will face a judge.


Everyone, including the prosecuting attorney falls in love with Sam. She's diagnosed with split psychosis because Sam reverts back to a child in her grandmother's care while being molested by her deranged dad. She is sentenced to two years in a state run psychological facility and she finds her sanity there.


Now, she's on her way home to Kentucky.


Jagged Sky is a poignant portrayal of strength and the will to survive a horrendous childhood. There's a clear blue sky at the end, with Noah, she'll never be afraid or alone again. 



Hello Friends and Family

Today is July 7, 2021, I was surrounded by my family for the 4th, and it was truly amazing. I am so very blessed. No matter what this...



May 21st


About the Author


DJ French (Debbie  J French) lives in Missouri with her husband Steve in a lovely town on the Missouri River. She has published two books and her third one ‘Touch the Mimosa Sky’ is expected out late summer 2021.

She has lived in 7 states from West coast to East and enjoys meeting people from different cultures. Debbie loves to tell a story, and when her two kids left the nest, she began writing. A few other favorite pastimes are painting, sitting out by the fire with a glass of wine, and traveling to someplace new to shop and explore.

One of her mantras is: the more the merrier, so she calls friends together as much as possible and they will confirm, she’s a hugger.

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