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April 15th 2022

Updated: May 23, 2022

Hi everybody, Happy Easter. The trees are budding, and the daffodils are filling up the green. This is my favorite season.

My neighbors have red bud trees and a small magnolia. They make me so happy; the color just lights up my day. The sweet mimosa tree out in my yard is a late bloomer. She will not be in her glory until July.

I wish I had some little ones to do an egg hunt. It was always so fun to hide them around the acre in the back. One time, I found a wayward plastic egg hiding in a tree a month later.

The current event of the day is not good. Russia has invaded Ukraine and we are watching with horror as women and children flee. Yesterday, a train station filled with innocent civilians was bombed and we sit here, numb. A time for prayer indeed. God bless all who read these words. I'll talk to you next month! Pray for peace in Ukraine. God bless America, Amen.

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