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August 13, 2021

Good morning friends and family, Since I retired in February, I've been visiting everybody and basically doing whatever the heck I want. Life is good. Hope you all are having a great summer as well. I am very excited to have gotten my new book into the hands of about 90 of you to read and enjoy. Please leave a review on Amazon for me. I am going to have some book signings in the fall after I order more copies.

Yesterday I trimmed the giant mimosa tree out in the front yard. I'm emotionally attached to the tree, so it felt strange to throw her branches into the woods. I talked to her the whole time, and told her that now she could send her magic sap even higher to the new tender twigs.

I went to a sacred place with my daughter yesterday. Its called the creek, Charette creek; and its been in the family for 32 years. I can't explain how spiritual it was at times, lying in the gurgling clear water. One could truly 'let down' out there. I wish everyone had a place like that to visit. We shared a cold bottle of Moscato D' Asti and while the temperature soared to 93... we chilled out.

Life is grand here in Missouri. I hope everyone reading this has gotten a copy of Touch the Mimosa Sky... let me know if I can send you one. God bless and enjoy the summer.

Debbie J French (facebook)

@dj_french12 (twitter)

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