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FEB 6th 2023

Hello and welcome to February! It's such a confusing month to me. It's not winter, and it's not Spring. Matter of fact, we leave it to a fat rodent called a groundhog, to predict when Winter is over.... so according to the fat little dirt dweller, we have at least 6 weeks left of Winter. I'm not buying it, but this is Missouri, so anything goes. This state, out of all 7 I've lived in; is the hardest to predict. It could seriously be 80 tomorrow, or 30...a toss of the dice.

So, I saw a Facebook group for my town, and it's called, 'What's up Wash, Mo.' A few in the group began reaching out to people, asking if anyone wanted to begin getting together for coffee, a walk, lunch or maybe a margarita? Well, anyone who knows me, knows I love Mexican food and I'm almost always in for a margarita. Today, I met up with them. 10 ladies showed up and what a great group of ladies. I enjoyed that so much, and yes, I did have a margarita.

With the Covid pandemic and the cold winter finally passing, I am feeling like I have been in a coma. I feel like time stopped, like my life stopped really. In these times, I am so grateful I have a sweet husband. We are content here in our little house on our little acre.

Valentine's day is coming around, I usually dip strawberries for Steve and buy him a giant Hershey bar. We are easy to please. The other day I told him I want lunch at one of the finest restaurants around here, called, The Hawthorn Inn. It's tucked back in a little town in the country, but the food is absolutely wonderful. I ordered beef stew and salad, The beef stew was so good, I ordered a separate bowl to go.

I must confess, I have not been writing much, I have been taking art classes and that is so fun! Also, I am reading every day. I think it was just an overabundance of forced solitude to write the last book, and I am still rejecting that isolation, I wasn't made like that. I must have socialization in my day. I guess I am just a people person.

I got to spend time with my kids recently, they are 29 and 35. I am their fat Momma. I am so lucky they are both within driving distance, (an hour or so) because I will go just for a hug and turn around and come back. It's almost like a hungry person who gets fed a lovely meal, I am satisfied with the hug.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful February. My dear Mother has her 82cnd birthday on Feb. 25th. I am so grateful I still have her. She is WONDERFUL!

Take care, enjoy every moment and order the top shelf margarita!


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