• D J French

June 20, 2021

Updated: Aug 13

It's HERE!! The new BOOK 'Touch the Mimosa Sky' Is HERE!

Today is Father's Day. I sure got lucky with mine! He is a wonderful, strong man and he served 30 years in the U.S. Navy. Happy Fathers Day, Dad! The main character in my new book, 'Touch the Mimosa Sky'... is Bobby. This is what some call my Dad, for his name is Robert. My nephew is named after him as well, and you'll see 'Bobbaloo" in the new book a few times, which is what I call my nephew.

Today is actually the first day that the links are here on the website. The link BOOKBABY BOOKSHOP is the one that gives me a profit and is print on demand so it will come within a week. The Amazon link offers a presale.. (the books aren't in the warehouse yet) As always, I will be offering autographed books mailed to you. I just need an address... I will send you a book and an envelope with my address on it. I will have to ask $20 that includes everything, and you simply send me cash or check. The new book is 382 pages. It did cost me more to produce it. Thanks for understanding. I promise you...it's worth it!

Watch for book signings around my town of Washington as well as St. Charles county and surrounding areas. Please find me on Facebook, (Debbie J. French) It's my favorite place to post pictures and connect with y'all. Also, please give me a review on Amazon. I appreciate it so much! Happy reading, Stay in touch, Debbie

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