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June 28th 2022

Good morning, everybody, we are ending June already. This month has been hot here in Missouri, and I don't have a swimming pool! What I do have, is flowers. I've been watering them and dead heading them every day, you have time for that when you are retired. We had a family bar-b-q when June first rolled in. It was a smashing success and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I made margaritas and the children had ice cream sandwiches. My husband Steve ate two before the company even arrived. He loves ice cream.

We are fortunate enough to have a deck and a big yard, shaded by trees, as well as a hammock. I try to get out and walk every morning and when I'm finished, I head to the hammock and relax. Sometimes I get on face book and see who's having a birthday or who's welcoming a baby, just got married, etc. I love that social media,

Yesterday, I finished reading another Bob Woodward book. It is called 'Peril' That book chilled me to the bone, and it took me awhile to read it, and I recommend it. Now, I will try to read something lighter, maybe a Debbie Macomber summer read. I have to stay informed about the country and its direction, but it is a heavy thing sometimes. What keeps me buoyed is my faith that this too shall pass. Throughout the country's history, we have seen our democracy tested and tried. It stood the tests. I and my fellow true patriots will vote, and we will stand for the rights of others because someday, it might be our rights or our kids' rights that are threatened.

I have been working here and there on my next project. It is a

story about my mother and her sisters. I have started, but I cannot concentrate on writing these days. I am on hiatus to read. Before I ever began writing, I was an avid reader. Also, I must confess, I have been very interested in the January 6th hearings. As I said above, I am a patriot, and this time we are in is scary for the country. I am watching to see this corrected and then I will let it pass.

I am so grateful for everyday simple things. Tomorrow is my dear friend's birthday. She is a Deborah as well. She will be 63. I'm taking her to an Italian restaurant for lunch and I will probably get her a gift card, but today I am making something special for her, a strawberry pizza. I cheat, but I'll tell you what I do. I buy a pack of sugar cookie mix and bake it round. Then I slather on vanilla pudding from a pudding cup or two, then add sliced strawberries. This is so easy, and everyone loves it! So that's tomorrow.

What's everybody doing for the 4th of July? We are traveling to visit my family and party! That's my favorite things to do! Right now, I'm off to the store, but I just wanted to tell you all hello. Don't despair about things you cannot control and call someone you love and tell them you love them. Now that we can hug people again and sit close sharing a meal, do that! Love you! Debbie

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