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March 4th 2022

Well, my goodness, today is March 4th already? We are on an erratic roll here in Missouri, as Spring comes in. I must say February flew by!

I hope everyone reading this has something to be grateful for today. We are all rallying here in the USA for Ukraine. I never thought I would see this kind of naked aggression toward a democratic, sovereign (meaning they have authority over their own country) nation. But Russia is on the move. The US is trying to weigh how to extricate itself from its reliance on the Russian imported oil. It's a political football already as if the pandemic wasn't enough. This too shall pass, just like the seasons. Just like February. Nobody can stop Spring, and then Summer. I am just going to pray on that and go arrange some flowers.

Here's a quick story for you. A few years ago, I met a lady at a book signing, and she bought both of my books (Jagged Sky and Crystal Sky). I remembered her often because she was so bubbly and friendly. Fast forward to today 3 1/2 years later, her husband and sons are in my house remodeling my bathroom. The conversation about his son and his writing music; then the band came up. It's called, 'Of Sand and Stone' and when he showed me a picture of his daughter in law, I knew I had met her. I asked him his wife's name, and when he told me, I got a shiver. I had met Ceil at a book signing in 2018. This is serendipity. His son Luke unbeknownst to me is a very talented musician, who is helping with the family business, while he and Morgan book gigs. Check them out, I was already following them on Facebook. So, to make this story short, I signed a copy of my latest book, 'Touch the Mimosa Sky' and told him to deliver it to Ceil. It's a small world indeed.

As we head into Spring, I'm wishing all who wander on to this page a blessed day. Remember that Spring is a time to plant seeds. Plant kindness and love in your home so that someday you will reap what you have sown. Love you, Debbie

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