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May 22nd, 2022

Hi everybody, it's finally Spring here in Missouri. We did something the other day that I've always wanted to do... we bought a hydrangea bush. The hubby was so sweet and as usual wanted to make me happy, so he let me decide on its ultimate spot in our little acre.

Blue hydrangea, baby's breath and white roses were the flowers from our wedding. I do have an oak hydrangea which is totally different and gets giant white blooms with a touch of pink, but I've always wanted a blue one. Momma told me that you can change the color by adding acid and she even suggested I put a few nails around the roots. I have never heard of that, but my Grand Mother loved her hydrangeas, and they were stunning!

I have started to work on a new project. This is a personal family compilation of notes from my Momma and her 3 sisters. When we first started talking about it, there were still 4 of the 5 girls, but now there are only 2. We lost Marilyn too soon, and two more of my precious Aunts passed away last year. One was taken from the viral pandemic. We still have 2 of my uncles with us as well, but we lost Alan. So anyway, the story is about them and how in the twilight of their years, they followed my mom to Ky, where the 4 remaining sisters lived within a few miles of each other. So, this project is for them and the hundreds of descendants. My Aunt Donna alone has over 60 children and grandchildren.

I have used the past winter months to catch up on some reading. I paused marketing my new book Touch the Mimosa Sky through the pandemic, but I try to keep my friends and family up to date on Facebook. Now that I'm 63, my days are filled with leisure and it's wonderful. Whomever wrote 'stop and smell the roses' was very smart.

I wish all of you sunshine on your face, a good book and a long warm hug from someone you love. Throw in a perfect margarita on the beach and call me...I'm in!

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