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Oct. 4th, 2022

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Hi, everybody, how is it going? I got so busy in the month of September, I forgot to pop on and say, hello, so hello!

I signed up for an art class. It was called potpourri, it was fun. I learned a little about watercolors, pastels and acrylics. Here Jenna has a master's in art education, and I can barely draw a straight line. I had so much fun and I'm going to have to buy some supplies and get to painting. I specifically liked mixing watercolors with pastels.

Afterward, we went to lunch. I ordered fried catfish. It tastes so good at restaurants, all crispy and salted just right. The 6 ladies talked about such a variety of things, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them a little bit. I realized one thing. I'm not very good at drawing trees. It was shameful, but hey I guess I need to continue classes. We all paint differently, and I paint like a 4th grader, actually maybe more like a 3rd grader. At 63, I thought for sure I would create a masterpiece but nope...more like a mess, oh well.

A few of the ladies asked me if I had any copies of my books to sell. I didn't. I give them all away. It's a habit, whoever asks me about them, usually ends up with a free book to read. The ladies at church passed them around. Thats good. I suppose I should order a few more as I can get them cheaper through Bookbaby.

5 years ago, I released Jagged Sky. When the topic of domestic violence comes up, I talk about this book. It is a subject matter that I have a lot to say about, and I had a story swirling around in my head that sheds light on it. This is a work of fiction. I myself have never been abused, thank God. This book is about a girl named Samantha who drew the short straw for fathers. Generations of cruelty and she was to bear the brunt of it. But in all of my books the heroine perseveres, and I try to show her bravery! (Sam) goes through hell, but at 16, she ends the cycle of abuse once and for all. Here's the cover.

Bless you all who are reading this. I hope you have a great October! Steve and I made a fire out in the fire pit Sunday evening. I love a fire. Click on the links on the web site to order Jagged Sky and if you have trouble just get in touch with me. My phone number is on my card, e-mail me at or find me on Facebook, Debbie J French.

Talk to you soon,

Love, Debbie


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