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October 4th 2021 Happy Fall Everybody

My goodness, the month of September got away from me. How are you all doing? I was in Kentucky for 10 days because Momma had a knee replacement, then Steve and I went on vacation in Branson area for a week. Fishing, swimming, friends and food, all interspersed with wine. Retirement is grand!

I tried a new cherry Moscato, a seasonal select flavor from a Missouri winery called St. James. I loved it so much, I called the winery to order a case, but nope...all gone. Oh well I'll stock up next year.

Thank you to all of you who have visited my website and signed up. I have been sending the new book out left and right, getting almost a 100 signed and into readers hands personally. The next step will be ordering more and maybe investing in some marketing to find readers, as well as getting a few book signings scheduled. I'm already starting to get the outline together for my new book. I am creating a vigilante character and I go back and forth on how ferocious to make her...but she will be unstoppable. My characters all seem to be meek and sweet, with that strong streak that comes out when they most need it. I love a ferocious woman who fights for justice!

Thank you all for stopping in, GOD bless you!

Happy Fall,


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